Singing Lessons

What are the benefits of singing lessons? 

The main objectives for students are that they learn good technique to improve their singing and musicality, and have fun and enjoy themselves while doing so.

It is important that the voice is used in such a way that the vocal chords are not harmed. A singing teacher will endeavour to help the student learn technique to avoid this happening, as well as teaching them tools to help create tone and be dynamic in their delivery.  

What does a typical lesson consist of? Is there a typical structure?

A singing lesson will usually start off with exercises to warm up the voice, and then go into exercises for strengthening the voice and improving technique. This is followed by repertoire.

Every individual lesson is different and is usually based on the teacher’s assessment of the student’s needs. Singing lessons are based on the individual rather than their age.

A student usually chooses repertoire with suggestions from the teacher and repertoires can be in any genre. The student will then learn specific techniques and stylistic characteristics common to the style they have chosen.

Students do not have to learn songs but are encouraged to do so in order to learn technique through example in song - showing relevance back to the exercise.

The best way to learn to sing is through practical application.

Song practice

It is suggested that scales are practiced as a warm up before actual singing practice. This will help prevent harm to vocal chords. Strengthening exercises are also recommended to build a strong consistent and controlled voice.

Typical singing homework consists of vocal warm up and strengthening exercises, followed by work on learning repertoire.

It is advisable to practice at least 2-3 times a week outside the actual lesson. 20-30 minutes per session on exercise and song is fine. 

It can take a few months to a few years to achieve certain singing goals, depending on what they are. There is always plenty to learn.

Books are not mandatory, as the internet acts a wonderful tool to be able to find sheet music and backing tracks for accompaniment. 


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