Drum & Percussion Lessons

Drum lessons are one of the specialities of the Circle Music Academy.

Drum set and percussion teacher Matt Dorahy is also the academy coordinator and teaches drum lessons in his purpose built soundproofed drum studio.

Learning to play drums in this amazing environment (which is home to both acoustic and electronic drum sets) gives students a tremendous advantage and the best chance of success and rapid improvement.

Drum lessons are available to all ages, from pre-schoolers through to pensioners and group classes are also available for young students.

Beginner drum lessons through to advanced studies are designed and created according to skill level to suit all types of students.

Drumming fundamentals are the basis of Matt’s approach, with a particular emphasis on correct technique, productive drum practice methods and the mastery of drum rudiments and reading drum notation. 

Time and effort combined with a little discipline are all that's required, but our lessons are all about having fun and creating an outlet for creative expression.

What are the benefits of learning to play the drums? 

The mental and physical stimulation that comes from playing the drums is greatly beneficial for developing and sharpening minds. The coordination aspects are also great for developing and reawakening motor skills. It’s also great fun and a creative physical outlet.

What does a typical lesson consist of? Is there a typical structure?

It’s good to have 3 exercises or concepts that you’re working on simultaneously. One at the beginning stage, another at the refining stage and another at the sub-conscious phase. Lessons will have time spent on all 3 areas, something new, something we are developing and something we have mastered.

This will change a little based on experience rather than age group. It’s usually harder for a beginner to get multiple ideas going at the same time.

All educational material will be provided free of charge.

What is the main objective for your students?

To have fun, enjoy the process of learning, experience the satisfaction of mastering a task that was very difficult to begin with and to achieve some “real world” goals, whether that be good marks at school or nailing a new song in band rehearsal.

The best method of learning varies from student to student, but a proven method is studying the methods of masters. It doesn’t really matter what genre you study, just as long as you work consistently and take your time.

Drum practice

It is possible to learn to play any style that you want, and learn the songs that you want to. 

Learning to read drum notation and learn drum rudiments is encouraged but is not mandatory. 

Outside lesson time a great practice time to aim for would be half an hour per day, 6 days per week. 

Becoming a good drummer depends on application and commitment, but 9 out of 10 students are rocking it and feeling good within the first year. 


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