Pete Bursky

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For the past 17 years Peter has been playing Guitar and studying music, over that time acquiring years of experience playing in bands, trios, duos and solo live settings.

He has toured extensively throughout Australia and abroad and graduated in 2007 at the Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree w/ Honours. Enjoying a career mainly focused around hard rock and funk/blues playing, he hasn't let that stop him from delving into the deep and rich realm of improvised jazz and classical music.

Throughout his studies of contemporary music, Peter has also gained a deep theoretical knowledge and can provide expert guidance in this area. With a love for all forms of sound and a wealth of experience playing in many different arrangements, teaching is something Peter feels very passionate about and enjoys sharing his knowledge just as much as performing.

The past few years have seen him working with a vast range of different artists, such as Australian Hip Hop artists Drapht and N'fa Jones as well as Perth's 'Blkout'. Current projects he is working on include his hard rock band 'Sumeru', who recently released their debut album and 'Shake Your Blood', an eclectic mix of rock, prog, blues, jazz and everything in between.

"In my teaching I am open to all forms of music and place great importance on a musician’s happiness and their own freedom of expression"

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