Live Performance Space & Project Studio

Project Studio

Advances in technology have made it easier then ever for musicians, artists and students at any stage of their development to record, produce, create and distribute their work on a global scale. At Circle Music we have created a project studio designed to facilitate these goals.

Audio and Video recording projects of any kind... Youtube videos, voice over's for T.V and film, original songs or promo for covers bands... virtually any project our students are wanting to realize can be achieved easily and in-expensively within our project studio

ELEMENT are one of Sydney's most in-demand covers acts, performing around 200 gigs per year all over Australia. ELEMENT currently has a residency at the Star Casino & Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney and has performed at corporate functions for many of Australia's most high profile companies. ELEMENT recently recorded this promo in the Circle Music Project Studio.

Live Performance Space

As most of us have dreams of performing and sharing our talents with the public, the goal at Circle Music is to take our students from the bedroom or garage all the way to stage and beyond!

With this in mind we have created our very own performance space, conveniently located within the Circle Music Academy. The space is complete with everything we need to re-create the live performance environment; a P.A, microphones, monitors and lighting are all situated on our very own purpose built stage, creating the perfect environment for our students to experience the thrill of performing and work on their stage craft, under the direct guidance and care of our teachers. 

This space is perfect for rehearsals, workshops, product demonstrations and performances of any kind and seating for up to 60 people can be easily arranged.

Chris Gable is one of Australia’s most talented multi-instrumentalist vocalists. His stage show has received several ACE Award and MO Award nominations, including having won the 2010 Johnny O’Keefe MO Award. He recently created this promo video for his trio at Circle Music.

Project Studio looking inviting

The Performance Space has plenty of room

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