Matt Dorahy

Matt is Circle Music’s Studio Coordinator and the main point of contact for all our music programs.

Matt’s specialty is drums and percussion and as a drum teacher he focuses on studying drumming from a global perspective, along with the importance of correct technique, productive practicing methods and mastery of reading and rudiments.

30 years of experience, highlighted by 5 years at sea performing on cruise ships throughout the globe and a life changing 6 months study in South America along with completed studies at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, Southern Cross University in Lismore and The Drummer’s Collective in New York City have resulted in a teaching method designed for practical application and grounded in the history of the drum-set tradition.

Prior to joining Circle Music, Matt was the coordinator of the music programme at Allan’s Music in Alexandria. Matt has also established “The Rhythm Lab”, a teaching practice dedicated to drums and percussion and set about sharing his experience and knowledge gained from a lifetime spent in love with drums and drumming. 

Check out The Rhythm Lab here

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